Vessel Lift/Heavy Lift

In the current COVID-19 pandemic environment, Port Taranaki has reviewed its requirements for site access.

All requests via the portal must be made with at least 48hrs prior to requested time, please provide as much information on your request as possible. 

NOTE: these provide a request for services only, confirmation of services will be emailed to you by the relevant Port Taranaki staff member.

YES - I confirm that a rigger will be appointed for the work who is trained to unit standard 3789 for routine and non-routine lifts or 3799 for complex lifts.
YES - I confirm that all lifting tackle used for this task will be marked with its SWL/WLL and inspected within the last year.
New Zealand Government COVID-19 Requirements
Are you aware of and will staff members adhere to current New Zealand Government COVID-19 requirements or border controls?
Temporary Staff Access
Do any staff members require a temporary access card to Port Taranaki Limited? Note: If yes, then please ensure that a request has been sent to [email protected] with at least 24 hours notice.