Boat Ramp & Parking

Outside the secure operational area, Port Taranaki is a great place to explore. Whether it be the area’s swimmable beaches, the retail businesses, or the recreational facilities, there is something for everyone.

The Lee Breakwater and Coastal Walkway are great for fishing and exercising, there is easy harbour access for boaties and other water users via our boat ramp, and there are cafes and marine-related retail businesses that are popular and accessible to the public.

To ensure all users have the ability to access the area, there is a mix of free and paid car parking at our recreational areas.

Port Taranaki owns the Lee Breakwater boat ramp, which is freely available to the general public.

Throughout the year, we undertake maintenance work on the boat ramp to ensure it is fit for purpose, including annual removal of sand build-up around the foot of the boat ramp. Other work has included replacing the rubber tyre fenders on the boat ramp jetty with a specialised non-marking fender system and replacing a number of piles under the jetty.

Boat Ramp

Free Parking

There are 240 free car parks in the recreational areas at Ngāmotu Beach, along Ocean View Parade and at the Lee Breakwater carpark. Additional free parks are made available on the eastern reclamation area at times of high demand.

Casual Parking

Pay-by-plate parking is available at the Lee Breakwater car park located by Breakwater Bay at the eastern end of Ocean View Parade. 

Parking is $1 per hour from 5.00 am-5.00 pm to a maximum of $10 per day. It applies seven days a week apart from Christmas Day.

There are two pay-by-plate parking machines available – one by the boat ramp and the other by the Bach on Breakwater café.

Failure to pay for parking, or parking in the incorrect zone, may result in a breach notice fee of $40.00.

Free and Casual parking

Parking for boat trailers can be purchased for an annual fee:

  •  Recreational boat trailers - $100 per year
  •  Commercial boat trailers for fishermen and charter vessels - $200 per year

The annual fee is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and can be paid using the pay-by-plate machines.

  1. Enter your boat trailer registration number, then press OK 
  2. Select "Annual Boat Permit"
  3. Select payment method either credit card or coins

Once the transaction is successful the machine will display a receipt code (for example 5868) and a web address ( to redeem an E-receipt

Boat trailer parking

Vehicles using the Lee Breakwater car park are monitored regularly and breach notices are issued for the following:

  •  Failure to pay for parking
  •  Not parking in the correct parking zone
  •  Non-compliance with road markings and signage

Fees payable for parking breaches are;

  •  $12 for exceeding the paid parking period or
  •  $40 for failure to pay for parking, not parking in the correct parking zone or non-compliance with road marking and signage

Further action will be taken if the breach notice fee remains unpaid after 28 days of the date the breach notice is issued.

Breach notice fees can be paid by:

  • Internet banking to Port Taranaki Limited’s Bank Account 12-3244-0003770-00 quoting the breach notice number, vehicle registration number and date of the breach notice, or
  • Cash payments can be brought to the Port Taranaki office building at 2-8 Bayly Road. Prior to coming to the office, please notify our team by calling 06 751 0200. You will need to have your breach notice number.