Visitors to Port Taranaki

The Port Taranaki area is unique, encompassing operational, commercial and retail, and recreational areas, including popular Ngāmotu Beach.

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Access to Restricted Operations Area

The secure Port Taranaki Restricted Operations Area is where import and export trade and activity takes place. It’s a busy operational area that includes our shipping berths, log yards, dry bulk storage, our energy trading terminal, and heavy machinery.

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Online induction

Anyone who enters the Port Taranaki Restricted Operations Area must have completed the online induction.

Online Induction

Ships & Crew

The following information is required from the vessel or agent to Port Taranaki Security at least 24 hours before arrival.

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Pilotage & Arrival Procedures

The approach by sea to Port Taranaki is safe and easily navigable, with an open roadstead and anchorage in 18-22 metres of water.

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Drones & Airspace

As a Maritime Security Area, Port Taranaki is a No Drone Zone.

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