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Port Taranaki is asking all harbour users to help keep themselves and others safe this summer by knowing and following the harbour rules.

“The Port Taranaki harbour is a very busy mixed use space, with large commercial cargo vessels and port vessels occupying the same area of water as recreational boaties, kayakers, windsurfers, and other watercraft users, divers and swimmers,” explains Port Taranaki general manager operations Alex Park.

“During summer we understandably see a rise in public use of the harbour and this results in an increase in close-call incidents between vessels and the public.”

Mr Park says it’s important harbour users know and follow the harbour rules, keep clear of off-limits areas, and make sure they’re confident handling their watercraft and avoid going beyond their limits or capabilities.

“A key aspect of water safety is to always be aware of your surroundings and responsibilities as a water user. This includes maintaining a safe distance from cargo ships and port vessels, always being clearly visible in the harbour, keeping to the speed limits, and always wearing a lifejacket.”

Signs that clearly display the Port Taranaki harbour restricted areas and speed limits are dotted along Ngāmotu Beach and the Lee Breakwater, while more detailed harbour safety information, including vessel clearance rules, can be found on the Port Taranaki and Taranaki Regional Council websites.

“It’s fantastic we have this great facility here at Port Taranaki where the public can get out and enjoy on-water pastimes. We want all users to have fun and stay safe this summer and we need everyone to play their part to achieve that,” Mr Park says.

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