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Extensions to Cargo Cut-Off's

All extensions to cargo cut-off's at Port Taranaki must be made through the appropriate shipping line. If an extension is granted, please ensure that consignment/carter's note's are emailed or faxed to Port Taranaki as soon as possible, and a follow up call is made to Blyde Terminal. No pre-advice could result in cargo being short-shipped. As vessel operations can complete earlier than expected, we may also require container eta and contact details for the transport operator.

Please note - all late receivals are at Shipper's risk.

Container Receival & Delivery Phone 06-759-9731 Fax 06-759-9795


Customs Export Delivery Orders (CEDOs)

CEDO Procedures - Port Taranaki (PDF 27kB)

Bulk Cargo — We no longer handle electronic clearances via our client delivery authority code (00131211B).  Please email a scanned copy of the Customs delivery order as follows:

Bulk Liquids  :

Dry Bulk        :



Normal cargo receiving applies.


Export Entry / Load List

Port Taranaki requires to receive Customs export delivery orders 24 hours prior to loading to ensure that vessels can be planned properly and loading of all containers is not delayed. No Customs Delivery Order. No Load

A report is sent to Shipping Lines on a daily basis once the vessel is a week out, highlighting all containers that do not have an export delivery order (as well as any container that may have an invalid delivery order). You can check our Container Tracking page to view the CEDO status of a container.

Once a loadlist has been presented, Port Taranaki will verify and then plan the vessel. No container should appear on a Shipping Line load list unless it has a validated Customs delivery order number. If a container has been received and is on the loadlist but has no valid customs delivery order number — the container will not be loaded — There Are No Exceptions.

While Port Taranaki takes all practical steps to ensure any cargo with a late CEDO is loaded, acceptance of CEDO's after cut-off is at Shipper's risk. Copies of late CEDO's can be faxed to 06-759-9795

If additional work is required as a result of an exporter not lodging an Export Entry (or producing a validated customs delivery order), Port Taranaki will seek to recover applicable costs. Any charges will be in line with our public tariff and will be for the account of the Shipping Line involved.

If you have any questions regarding receival of CEDO messages please contact:

Ship Planners    Phone 06-759-9840    Email


Recovery of Costs for Customs Inspections at Port Taranaki

If a container is required for inspection, then it is the legal responsibility of the importer/exporter to ensure it is presented to Customs ndash; this includes meeting any associated costs.

Port Taranaki will recover these costs at the rates stated in our Schedule of Charges. Unless otherwise agreed, charges will be for the account of the importer/exporter involved.

For further information please refer to New Zealand Customs Service Release No.462 July 2005 (PDF 111kB)


Container Storage/Demurrage

Imports Fulls, first 7 calendar days free free
  Fulls,after 7 days, per day $35 $70
Exports Fulls, first 7 calendar days free free
  Fulls,after 7 days, per day $6.50 $13

Power and monitoring of reefer containers, and/or extra container handling costs will be charged in addition to demurrage at standard schedule rates

The number of days a full container has been in the terminal is highlighted on our Container Tracking page. Once the dwell time exceeds the specified free days, it will appear red to indicate free days have expired and demurrage is payable.

You can receive a reminder email for container dwell time by selecting that option on our Container Event Notices page.

In addition, we email the Lines a daily report highlighting all import containers with a dwell time of 4 days plus, noting demurrage will be charged once dwell time exceeds 7 days.


MAF Systems for New Container Regulations

On 01 January 2004 the Import Health Standard for Sea Containers from All Countries (BMG-STD-SEACO) was implemented by MAF Quarantine Service. This standard serves to prevent the introduction of exotic animals, plant diseases, pests, and contamination on sea containers.

This standard requires all importers to make a number of changes in both the way containers are unpacked and the information that must be presented to MAF to obtain clearance of the container.

Below are files that describe the new process for MAF clearance of sea container imports under BMG-STD-SEACO.

If you are not already familiar with the requirements we recommend that you refer to the following website.

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